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Geared4Game Outdoors

Geared4Game Outdoors is made up of two young Saskatchewan guys that have an extreme passion for wildlife and the outdoors. It all started back in late 2018 when we were tossing around the idea of starting up an instagram account to show others what we live for! After many conversations over the next few months about this topic we made the account and started to share some incredible moments we have experienced while chasing some of Canada's most sought after big game animals. 


Austin Gartner grew up in the Saskatchewan wilderness along side his brother (Jesse Gartner) and Dad (Kevin Gartner) living and breathing hunting season. His dad passed down his passion for the outdoors and knowledge of chasing world class animals in our home territory. Austin's clearly learned lots from his dad, the past seasons he's been able to take a Boone and crocket non typical Mule deer and an amazing archery whitetail with lots of character. His passion for the outdoors and determination runs deep in his bloodline.

Sean Ellwood grew farming and ranching on his family farm as well as hunting along side his two older brothers (Kellen and Tyler Ellwood) and his dad (Doug Ellwood). Throughout the years hunting alongside his role models, He's found a passion in the outdoors and strives to continue to push harder every year doing what he loves the most. 

By the time Austin and Sean could drive, you could find them out most nights scouting, baiting, and dreaming about fall to come. Two kids sharing the same passion for the outdoors and a determination to push harder and harder every year trying to harvest world class animals, Well enjoying every moment living the dream.  

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